Are you a potential Room For Visions Artist. Do you have what it takes?

We are always looking forward to be hearing new music made by fresh Artists, Bands and DJ’s/Producers. If you make music that you feel might fit in with us, then please send a copy of your finest works.

How to send it:
Our preference is for an email with links to a mastered MP3s that we can download. Please email them to:
claus(@) – Please write DEMO i the subject line.

If you don’t have the productions online, then “zip / rar” them and send us the file using a service like

Advice for sending us your productions:
* Don’t rush your music.
* Take your time.
* Make it the best track you have ever made.
* Songs need to be finished. We don’t listen to snippets or sketches, or tracks with uncleared samples.
* No remixes, bootlegs or mash-ups. We want to hear your originality.
* Make sure you name the MP3 with the correct filename: Artist – Track Name.mp3
* Make sure you include information about ‘You’: Bio, Discography, FaceBook page links, etc.

Finally, we DO listen to what you send. And we will respond you, that’s a promise! search engine optimization