Erik Connie Feat. Isobel Holly – On The Beach


Erik Connie and Isobel Holly recently made it to the finals of the UK songwriting contest with the song “Eric Connie Feat. Isobel Holly – On The Beach”. A partnership created through

Erik Connie is a Danish electronic music producer & DJ based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
 After living 7 years, in what has become the EDM Capitol of the World, Las Vegas, NV, Erik has recently returned to his home country of Denmark.

Isobel Holly is a 15 years old young singer/songwriter from south England. She lives and breathes music, guitar in hand and creativity at her fingertips. Her emotional insight and vibrant imagination have a universality that speaks to us all, an unusual gift for someone so young.

The well-known Danish cartoonist, writer, film director and former TV host, Anders Morgenthaler, is the creator of the cover art and the upcoming music video. search engine optimization